Washington, DC 

April 13-14, 2022 


Arrowhead Publishers is pleased to announce the return of the 7th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference – live and in-person, on April 13-14, 2022 in Washington DC. The Translational Microbiome Conference was the first microbiome conference in the field to focus exclusively on the hurdles and challenges to commercial success in the space and continues to expand on that mission yearly, bringing well considered and curated content to a diverse audience at an affordable price.


It goes without saying that 2020 has been a remarkable challenge for us all – both personal and professional – and we are eager to see these challenging times in our rear view. While Arrowhead was able to quickly pivot and bring useful and insightful content to its online audience in 2020, we look forward to seeing everyone in-person again in a new year and a new venue in Washington, DC.


About the Conference

Once again, the conference will bring together the leading microbiome companies working to successfully commercialize microbiome-based diagnostics, therapeutics, adjunct therapies and direct-to-consumer services and products across a range of therapeutic areas, from gut to skin and beyond. Expanding on this core focus year on year, we continue to offer panels sponsored and directed by industry to focus on your concerns and tightly curated content that goes beyond the usual infomercials to provide tangible and useful insights to how your peers are addressing their commercial approach to the space.


Entering its 7th year in 2022, the meeting will continue to focus and build on the challenges and hurdles that companies working in the microbiome space will have to recognize and navigate in order to successfully commercialize their products. With a broad focus spanning multiple disease states (oncology, dermatology, inflammatory disorders, among others) attendees will have the opportunity to hear the leading companies discuss the work they have underway and how they are meeting these challenges head-on to apply recent discoveries to a variety of disease processes, restoration of health and improved outcomes.


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Why Attend?

  • Partnering Software & Meetings

  • Easily schedule meetings with our partnering system in order to maximize your time at the event. Schedule one-to-one meetings in advance and stay connected after the event.
  • Industry-Leading Speaking Faculty

  • Our tightly curated content provides tangible and useful insights to how your peers are addressing their scientific, clinical and commercial approach to the space.
  • Network With Industry Colleagues

  • One-to-One meeting space, breakfasts, extended breaks, luncheons and receptions provide attendees with multiple opportunities to connect with colleagues in the space.
  • 20+ Exhibitors/Service Providers

  • Meet with and/or re-connect with exhibitors and service providers and learn about the latest tools and resources driving the field of microbiome science.

Speaking Faculty


The 2020 speaking faculty has not yet been announced. Please check back in the coming weeks or join our mailing list HERE 

Conference Chair

Mollie Roth, J.D.

Executive Director
The Microbiome Coalition (TMBC)


2019 Speaking Faculty

    • Stephen Skolnick

    • Translational Gerontology Branch
    • National Institutes on Aging, National Institutes of Health


    • Bernat Olle, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Vedanta Biosciences


    • George Tetz, MD, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Human Microbiology Institute


    • Jennifer Wargo, MD

    • Associate Professor, Department of Surgical Oncology, Division of Surgery
    • The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

    • Alison Lawton

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Kaleido Biosciences


    • Martha Carlin

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • The Biocollective


    • Alicia Sheffer-Wong, Ph.D.

    • Founder & CEO
    • Floragraph


    • Kristen L. Beck, Ph.D.

    • Research Staff Member, Sequencing the Food Supply Chain, Almaden Research Center
    • IBM

    • Emily Hollister, Ph.D.

    • VP, Information Technology & Analytics
    • Diversigen


    • Jonathan Krive

    • Co-Founder, CEO
    • AsiaBiome


    • Vanni Bucci, Ph.D.

    • Assistant Professor
    • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


    • Kelly N. Haas, Ph.D.

    • Post Doctoral Scholar, Dermatology Dept.
    • University of California, Davis

    • David Riglar, Ph.D.

    • Post-Doctoral Fellow (Silver Lab) Microbiome Engineering, Department of Systems Biology
    • Harvard Medical School


    • Lindy Bancke, Pharm.D.

    • Head of Clinical Development
    • Rebiotix


    • Malcolm Kendall

    • CEO and Co-Founder
    • Microbiome Insights


    • Edward Burd, Ph.D.

    • Head of Regulatory Affairs
    • Rebiotix

    • Madhu Jasti

    • Scientist III R&D
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific


    • Dale Pfost

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Biome Bliss


    • Lakshmi Balachandra, Ph.D.

    • Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship, Blank Center for Entrepreneurship
    • Babson College


    • Arne Materna, Ph.D.

    • VP Product
    • Cosmos ID

    • Nur Hasan, Ph.D.

    • Chief Scientific Officer
    • Cosmos ID


    • Hongzhe Li, Ph.D.

    • Professor of Biostatistics & Statistics, Chair, Graduate Program in Biostatistics, Director, Center for Statistics in Big Data
    • University of Pennsylvania


    • Katherine Gregory, Ph.D.

    • Scientific Co-Founder/Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
    • Astarte Medical/Brigham & Women's Hospital


    • Mark Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

    • Partner
    • Nixon Peabody

    • Elliot Friedman, Ph.D.

    • Sr. Research Investigator, Div. of Gastro., Perelman School of Med.
    • University of Philadelphia


    • Jaeyun Sung, Ph.D.

    • Assistant Professor of Surgery, College of Medicine, Senior Associate Consultant I, Division of Surgery Research
    • Mayo Clinic


    • Nicole Rempel, MS, MBA

    • Director, Regulatory and Strategic Development
    • Clinipace


    • Nikole Kimes, Ph.D.

    • Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
    • Siolta Therapeutics

    • Greg Fluet

    • Microbiome Partnerships & Commercialization
    • Ferring (Rebiotix)


    • Arthur Ouwehand, Ph.D.

    • Technical Fellow and Research Manager
    • DuPont Nutrition & Health


    • Jon A. Vanderhoof, MD

    • Attending Physician, GI & Nutrition/Sr. Lecturer in Pediatrics/Prof. Emeritus of Pediatrics
    • Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School/Univ. of Nebraska College of Medicine


    • Nancy Caralla

    • Founding President, Executive Director
    • C Diff Foundation

    • Maciej Chichlowski, Ph.D., PMP

    • Principal Scientist
    • Reckitt Benckiser


    • Mary Ellen Sanders, Ph.D.

    • Principal
    • Dairy and Food Culture Technologies


    • Susan Stewart, JD

    • Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality
    • Kaleido Biosciences


    • Andrew Shao, Ph.D.

    • Sr. VP Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
    • Council for Responsible Nutrition

    • Shuji Ogino, MD, Ph.D., MS

    • Chief, Program in Molecular Pathological Epidemiology/Prof. of Pathology/Prof. (Epidemiology)
    • Brigham & Women's Hospital/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute-Harvard Medical School/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


    • Aaron Del Duca

    • VP Technology & Microbiome Program Lead
    • DNA Genotek


    • Stephan Reiling, Ph.D.

    • Senior Fellow & Computational Scientist
    • Kaleido Biosciences


    • Annie Evans, Ph.D.

    • Research and Development Director
    • Metabolon

    • Dan Knights, Ph.D.

    • Professor, Dept. Computer Science and BioTechnology Institute/Co-Founder
    • University of Minnesota/CoreBiome

    • Tracy Warren

    • CEO
    • Astarte Medical


    • Lata Jayaraman, Ph.D.

    • VP, Oncology
    • Seres Therapeutics


    • Antonio Gomes, Ph.D.

    • Computational Biologist, Sr.
    • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    • Kaja Milanowska, Ph.D.

    • Executive Vice President, Head of Immunology & Microbiome R&D
    • Ardigen

    • Michael Weinstein, Ph.D.

    • Scientist
    • Zymo Research


    • Denise Kelly, Ph.D.

    • Venture Advisor
    • Seventure Partners


    • Raul Cano, Ph.D.

    • Chief Operating Officer and Scientific Director
    • The BioCollective

    • James R. Weston

    • Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
    • Seres Therapeutics

    • Tonya Ward, Ph.D.

    • Senior Scientist
    • CoreBiome


    • Mark Driscoll, Ph.D.

    • Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
    • Shoreline Biome


    • Peter Christey, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • General Automation Lab Technologies (GALT)

    • Ivan Liachko, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Phase Genomics

    • Morten Isaksen, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Bio-Me


The team put on a wonderful virtual conference, despite the tough times caused by Covid-19. The topics of discussion ranged from basic research to clinical interventions and treatment of disease like... Read More

Conference Attendee

Arrowhead's Annual Translational Microbiome Conference is a must for all professionals engaged in microbiome reseach. The content is full of the latest learning and practices from world-class... Read More

Conference Attendee

The Translational Microbiome Conference was well organized. The topics covered were interesting and thought-provoking

Conference Attendee

I work on oral microbiome but it was a a great way to learn strategies for going from disease, to microbiome at a site, to mechanism of disease and treatment

Conference Attendee

Very well organized conference in these difficult times

Conference Attendee

Great conference, high-quality talks. Congrats on organizing such an event!

Conference Attendee
Computational Biologist , Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

It was a fantastic conference, and I truly got a lot out of hearing from and speaking with the diverse range of speakers and attendees. It’s really a great event and I’m glad to have been a part... Read More

Elliot Friedman
Technical Director, PennCHOP Microbiome Program , University of Pennsylvania

An excellent meeting where the excitement and challenges in microbiome research are presented. Well balanced in translational microbiome research, ethical issues, and investment opportunities and... Read More

Seyoum Ayehunie
VP of Immunological Systems , Mattek

A great diversity of subjects and depths were covered so both experts and new-comers had sessions they could gain insights from. The mix of subjects brings the field together and helps build the... Read More

Dale Pfost
CEO , Microbiome Therapeutics

This is an excellent conference to get updated in the field and at the same time connect with other players in this exciting field.

Morten Isaksen
CEO , Bio-Me

It’s the perfect blend of science and industry. A diverse and amazing group of people in one of the fastest-growing and most promising fields.

Stephen Skolnick
Founder , Mood Nutraceuticals

This is my third year attending the conference and it gets better every year. The diverse topics, great speakers, with latest research findings and targeted workshops and panel discussion. Would... Read More

Ying Chen
Research & Development Manager , Reckitt Benckiser

My second experience with such a meeting, but night and day difference! Very informative and of high standard

Pinaki Panigrahi
Professor , University of Nebraska Medical Center

An excellent meeting where the excitement and challenges in microbiome research are presented. Well balanced in translational microbiome research, ethical issues, and investment opportunities and... Read More

Seyoum Ayehunie
Vice President of Immunological Systems , Mattek

Great mix of microbiomics science, pharmaceutical development and networking

Tarik Alhmaud
Physician , University of New Mexico

For someone with a nascent interest in the microbiome, this conference has been an extremely transformative experience

Dalton Price
Founder and Executive Director , YouResearch

Very well organized and focused group

Gerardo Toledo

The conference was educational both in terms of exposing me to the current microbiome-related science as well as the several aspects of running a business in this field

Sneha Jani
Ph.D. Student , Texas A&M University

Overall, it was a great conference. As a student, some of the business discussions were above my head, but I had a really great experience

Anand Kumar
PostDoc , Los Alamos National Lab

Overall, it was a great conference. As a student, some of the business discussions were above my head, but I had a really great experience

Conference Attendee

This conference gave me a flavor of where the field is

Conference Attendee

I'm a Research Associate at a startup and was able to gather lots of information that will inform establishment of our NGS core

Conference Attendee

A great immersion into the microbiome space with competent speakers and engaging attendees

Conference Attendee

Good mix of topics and speakers

Conference Attendee

Broad spectrum, background for profound understanding

Conference Attendee

Liked the diversity of presenters and attendees, presentation length was good and well-run

Conference Attendee

Really appreciated the equity and range in gender, expertise, and age of speakers

Conference Attendee

Great representation of topics and perspectives

Conference Attendee

Developed a number of new relationships

Conference Attendee

Diverse audience and speakers—scientist and business aspects

Conference Attendee

Very informative and exciting conference, learned a lot and fostered new ideas. Really glad I came!

Conference Attendee

Great panel, great speakers, crowd was ideal size

Conference Attendee

Who Should Attend


Academic Institutions, Biopharma Companies, Diagnostics Companies and Investors


Healthcare Professionals, Physicians, Clinical Development Professionals, Biopharma Business Leaders, Researchers, Professors

Job Titles:

VPs, Directors, Heads, Scientists, Professors in following areas: 

  • Microbiome / Microbiota basic research

  • NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

  • Molecular Diagnostics

  • Autoimmune Disease Therapeutics

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Metabolic disease, Obesity, Diabetes

  • Genotyping

  • Genomics

  • Genomic Profiling

  • Biomarkers

  • Immunology Innate or Adaptive Immunity

  • Bioinformatics

  • Data Management

  • Data Analysis

  • Molecular Biology

  • Diagnostic & Clinical Applications

  • Prenantal Diagnostics

  • Vaccines

  • Microbiology

  • Food / Nutrition Science

  • Gut-Brain Axis Researchers

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Biotech Entrepreneurs

  • Academic Licensing or Tech Transfer Officers

  • Business Development / In-Licensing

  • FDA regulation

  • Clinical trials

  • Epigenetics

  • Metagenomics

  • High-Throughput Technologies

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Storage

  • Cloud Computing

  • Statistical Genomics

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