April 18-20, 2018  |  Boston, MA USA

More Information About the 2018 Event is Coming Soon!

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Featured Speakers

Paul Giannasca, Ph.D., Global Scientific Lead, GI Health, Nestle Health

Olga Danilchanka, Ph.D., Microbiome Lead, Exploratory Science Center, Merck

Mark Smith, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Finch Therapeutics

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About the Conference

Arrowhead Publishers is pleased to announce its Annual Translational Microbiome Conference is coming back to Boston on April 18-20, 2018. The conference will once again bring together the top companies in the microbiome space working to successfully commercialize microbiome-based diagnostics, therapeutics, adjunct therapies and direct-to-consumer services and products.
The meeting will continue to focus and build on the challenges and hurdles that companies working in the microbiome space will have to recognize and navigate in order to successfully commercialize their products.
With a broad focus spanning multiple disease states (oncology, dermatology, inflammatory disorders, among others) attendees will have the opportunity to hear the leading companies discuss the work they have underway and how they are meeting these challenges head on to apply recent discoveries to a variety of disease processes, restoration of health and improved outcomes.
Conference topics will include speakers and panels on: 
♦ Animal Models
♦ Bioinformatics Challenges
♦ Intellectual Property Management
♦ Investment Deals and Approaches
♦ Pharma Deals in the Microbiome Space
♦  The Need for Standards
This year brings several exciting additions to the conference designed to offer attendees real education, insights and benefits that they can implement in their own organizations.
Focused Parallel Tracks
This year’s conference will again feature a parallel consumer track, as well as nutrition and skin tracks, on the second day closely focused on the issues in those specific industries and the challenges common to those companies trying to enter the microbiome space in those areas.
Pre-Conference Workshops
Interactive, hands-on, intensive pre-conference workshops hosted by microbiome service providers working real time with the leading microbiome companies to help attendees understand real-world issues and understand how these issues impact their business plans while providing tools and best practice tips to start implementing solutions in their own organizations.

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More About This Workshop


Navigating the Challenges of Studying the Microbiome in Mouse Models: Design, Execution and Utility

Preclinical in vivo studies utilizing the mouse as a model organism are critical to advancing our knowledge of how the microbiome functions in disease, health and nutrition. These models will also be critical in supporting INDs and other regulatory requirements. Journal editors and reviewers are moving towards requiring authors to provide supporting information on how the microbiome affects research results.

This workshop will be moderated by Taconic’s Dr. Alex Maue, Director of Microbiome Products and Services. We are honored to announce that the workshop will be led by Dr. William DePaolo, Associate Professor of Medicine and the Lynn M. & Michael D. Garvey Endowed Chair in Gastroenterology at the University of Washington.  Dr. DePaolo is also Director, Center for Microbiome Sciences & Therapeutics (CMiST). Assisting Dr. DePaolo will be a panel of scientists with diverse perspectives and includes Dr. James Matumba, co-founder Commense, Inc., Dr. Beth McCormick, professor and vice chair, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Founder Center for Microbiome Research and Dr. Phil Dube, Field Application Scientist, Taconic Biosciences. Join us as Dr. DePaolo leads us through a conversation on developing best practices for in vivo microbiome studies.

Studying the microbiome provides immense opportunity to improve human health. There is a growing realization that the microbiome provides a fertile opportunity for discovery of therapies from fecal transplants to bioactive molecules. Even as some microbiome based drugs move through clinical trials and regulatory approval, translatable, in vivo mouse studies are still in their infancy as regards standardization, best practices and reproducibility.

The experimental design variables in conducting in vivo studies are many; adding the complexity of the microbiome makes these studies even more challenging. Without established, predictive models, translational studies will be difficult at best and worse yet, inaccurate. Understanding best practices when planning these types of studies will be paramount in assuring reliable results that will support your drug development program. Hundreds of mouse microbiome studies have been published, wading through those to understand how best to set up your study is a daunting task.

This interactive workshop will provide the basis for planning and conducting successful microbiome studies in mice. Attendees will come away with the following understanding:

The considerations in selecting the appropriate in vivo model for your studies. Model choices include standard inbred or outbred, genetically engineered, germ-free, antibiotic-depleted or defined flora models or combinations. Understanding the utility of each will help you make the best choice for your specific study.

Microbiome association study best practices. Assure that donor microbiome remains viable and consistent during collection, storage and preparation. How best to collect and store samples during the in-life phase of the study.

The potential and limitations of data generated from mouse microbiome studies in the drug discovery. Learn how to identify risk and strategies to mitigate it.


Areas of Emphasis

Leading academic and industry experts will discuss the current state of translational microbiome research in the following areas:
  • Preterm birth and UTI’s
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Pulmonology and COPD
  • Immunology and the impact of difficle infections
  • Dermatology and periodontal disease
  • Nutrition
  • Consumer Health

Interactive Discussions

Experts will also be on hand to present and lead interactive discussions about the most pressing issues this nascent industry faces, including:
  • The need for standardization and harmonization of research protocols
  • The applicability of animal microbiome models to the human microbiome
  • The business model for microbiome based therapeutics
  • How the FDA will and should regulate therapeutics containing live spores
  • Data needs across multiple domains

Testimonials from Past Events

“Great panel, great speakers, crowd was ideal size”
“Very informative and exciting conference, learned a lot and fostered new ideas. Really glad I came!”
“Diverse audience and speakers—scientist and business aspects”
“Developed a number of new relationships”
“Great representation of topics and perspectives”
“Really appreciated the equity and range in gender, expertise, and age of speakers"
“Liked the diversity of presenters and attendees, presentation length was good and well-run”
“Broad spectrum, background for profound understanding”
“Business, regulatory, and science aspects were covered”

Who Should Attend

Academic Institutions, biotech companies, pharma companies, venture capitalists
Job Titles:
VPs, Directors, Heads, Scientists, Professors in following areas:
  • Microbiome / Microbiota basic research
  • NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Autoimmune Disease Therapeutics
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Metabolic disease, Obesity, Diabetes
  • Genotyping
  • Genomics
  • Genomic Profiling
  • Biomarkers
  • Immunology Innate or Adaptive Immunity
  • Bioinformatics
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Molecular Biology
  • Diagnostic & Clinical Applications
  • Prenantal Diagnostics
  • Vaccines
  • Microbiology
  • Food / Nutrition Science
  • Gut-Brain Axis Researchers
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Biotech Entrepreneurs
  • Academic Licensing or Tech Transfer Officers
  • Business Development / In-Licensing
  • FDA regulation
  • Clinical trials
  • Epigenetics
  • Metagenomics
  • High-Throughput Technologies
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Storage
  • Cloud Computing
  • Statistical Genomics

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